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Life is moving so fast. My kids (Charlie11 & Sophie 9) are always on the practice, science camp, homework, snacks, braces, and backpacks. I realized when they were young that while toys and video games come and go, that experiences were one of the greatest gifts I could give them.

Travel as a young girl changed me. It showed me what a small part of the world I truly occupied. My eyes were opened to the immeasurable blessings I had, and I was truly humbled to see the beauty in celebrating those different from me.

I want that for my kids and yours. The opportunity to become global citizens and be truly changed by the travels they embark on. I hope together we can create a love for experiencing the world.

Hi Friend, there's a great big world out there. Don't miss out on exploring it!

A humid night in the New Orleans French Quarter. We were just wandering the streets with a few Jean Lafitte's hurricanes in hand and just happened on an opening to watch the Preservation Hall Jazz Band. It was like going to church, I truly don't remember a more blissful moment in travel as that.

favorite travel memory

Be flexible. The amazing thing about travel is how it stretches us. Life is unpredictable and there is no better way to experience that than in travel. Go with the flow, embrace the unexpected, and have no expectations... when you go in that way, everything is a beautiful experience.

biggest piece of travel advice

This is like asking which kid is my favorite?! But if I must choose... Japan. It was the first trip I took as a young girl and left a mark. It truly shaped who I am and how I see the world. If it's not on your bucket list for your family you need to add it!

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Tropical Cherry Sparkling Water from Target...It's more like an addiction.

WWII Novels... you'll often find me at two in the morning sobbing into my book.

Date nights with my man. It can be a casual date or going all doesn't matter. Just that time one on one with him!

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