October 28, 2021

Intentional Gifting for Christmas 2021

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I don’t think I’m the only one who looks at the holidays a little differently this year. The world has changed so much in the last couple of years and I would like to think we have changed right along with it. We now value things that bring us together more than ever, we have discarded, dare I say…purged, the unnecessary, and found that life really is lived amongst the simple things. It makes sense that our Christmas lists this year are reflecting that and I wanted to share a little bit about what we are doing to maybe give you some ideas for your own holiday gifting.

Disclaimer, our kids still have the catalogs circled and the toy aisles canvased in hopes that St. Nick will bring a tree surrounded full of goodies…its not something I want to change about them, more just show them how gifts that can be cherished mean more than the ones that sparkle for a day or two. Are you with me Mama?

– Little Passports
If you aren’t able to travel just yet but want to show your kids the world why not sign up for a subscription with Little Passports? Our kids are 7 & 10 this Christmas and I can say they both still love them. We make each months delivery a big deal, doing the activities in each box and reading about the fabulous destination but also creating meals from the region and watching movies/tv shows that help us to learn more. We love exploring the world from our home and its a great way to teach kids about different cultures and experiences without having to even pack a bag!

– Instant Camera
I love how creative my kids are, I’m not sure about you but often I find about a zillion photos or videos of my kids on my iCloud from when they created a new “show” or played dress up. This year we thought it would be a blast to get them Instax Instant Cameras. They can take and print their photos instantly, and we cant wait to see these photos when they travel! I think I might grab a few scrapbooks to go along with them so the kids can create their own collages!

– Memberships
We LOVE when family and friends get our kiddos’ Memberships for the holidays. It gives us so much time together as a family to explore and enjoy this city of ours. We personally love The Adventure Science Center and the Nashville Zoo memberships but there are so many. What are some great places where you live that your whole family can enjoy together?

– Coupon book 

This is one of my top gifts for any occasion, not just Christmas. We all know life gets so busy and before you know it another year is gone. These coupon books are such a fun way to slow down for a bit and remember the fun stuff. We create our own but I have seen some amazing versions on Etsy. You simply create a coupon book of activities and fun things that can be torn out and “redeemed.” We have coupons like – A Date Night with Mom, Dinner and a Movie, A King Sized Candy Bar, Skip the Chores Day, Sleepover with a Friend. Trust me, you will be super Momma if you make them one this year and have memories that last beyond just January.

– Donate
If we want our children to be well-rounded, global citizens we must SHOW them how to be. It begins with us. I know a donation does not sound like something your kids would be interested but how are we explaining things to them? Each year we donate to Heifer International, Compassion International, and the American Cancer Society in the names of our family members. Each of these incredible non-profits means a great deal to us as they are helping to heal our world a dollar at a time and we have personal connections to each. Heifer helps to provide families with jobs, income, and food to create a sustainable life, Compassion International connects families, allowing you to adopt a child and family to sponsor who otherwise would struggle without your help. Our “son” Daniel lives in Ecuador and is Sophie’s age, we teach our children about his way of life and show them how much just a small donation can impact his family…but they also get to communicate with Daniel through letters, we hope one day soon we will see him face to face as we travel to see him and meet his family. But donating doesn’t have to be around the world, fund are needed right here in our neighborhood, we chose to give back to the American Cancer Society to honor those family members we have lost, and remember them when the donation is presented each year with amazing memories. Find something that means something to you, and your kids will find it means a lot to them too.

– A trip –
Well, obviously this is my favorite gift. Travel just does something to us, we change the second we step foot in a new destination and I want my kids to be a part of that. What a fantastic way to really connect and make memories with your children. From quick weekend trips into the city, perhaps a big bucket list trip to that country you have always dreamed of, the sky’s the limit here. The key is that you are taking the time to do something together. Instead of arguments about cleaning up the toys, and turning off that loud device….you could be taking in the sights of a dream destination. Listen, they are growing so fast, it’s going by quicker than we can hold on to. Make the memories now, you won’t regret it for a second.

I hope this gives you a few great ideas to gifting a little more intentionally this year. I know Im not alone when craving something a little more for my family this holiday season. Connection, Curiosity, Gratitude, and Resilience are the best gifts we can give our kids, and I believe these are some of the best ways to encourage these traits in our kids.

If you’re looking for another way to instill amazing values in your kids, check out my free quiz! 

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