November 14, 2022

Where NOT to travel for Spring Break 2023

And a few ideas about where to head instead!

Spring Break brings up dozens of images of too-tiny bikinis and packed beaches. I was raised in the MTV era and while that may be your particular version of relaxation it is FAR from where I want to spend my days thawing out from the winter weather. So I’ve taken some time to highlight some “popular” spring break destinations and instead find you the bliss and zen you have been looking for.


Listen, I’m not here to bash Tulum, there really isn’t another place like it in the world. But what was originally a small surfing village for the zen crowd who loved beautiful architecture and no electricity has quickly turned into a cluster of Instagram-crazed 20-somethings and overpriced but undelivered properties? Can you have an amazing time…YES! But go when the crowds have dispersed and the seasons are slow. That is the magic season.

Try Instead – Isla Holbox

2 hours north of Cancun with a little travel to get there is Isla Holbox. It is not for those expecting the polish of Riviera Maya or the Caribbean but the properties are incredible, the locals are next door, and the water is stunning. I have a few favorite properties so be sure to reach out to learn more if you are interested in Isla Holbox

Miami Beach

I love the beaches of Miami, the restraunts dotted along the coast, and the beautiful art deco buildings everywhere. But Miami definitely has a reputation for beach parties and to be honest…chaos. I HIGHLY recommend everyone take a trip to Miami at some point but maybe steer clear during those Spring Break weeks as the crowds border on scary.

Try Instead: Palm Beach

Hmmm palm trees and a cocktail at the The Breakers. Pure heaven. Listen, I know this area gets crowded too but the scene here can’t be beat. Its a perfect spot to warm up, stick your toes in the sand, and take in all the area has to offer. Oh and don’t forget to take a sunset cruise while you are there, its magical.


There is a reason Ibiza comes to mind when you think of the ultimate party spot. Known for their epic clubs and non-stop action its perfect for someone looking to celebrate until the wee hours of the morning. It doesn’t always lend itself to those wanting a little reprieve.

Try Instead: Formentera

Oh Formentera. A 30 min ferry from Ibiza so you can take in all the fun but a WAY more laid back vibe. Formentera is a small island with some of the most beautiful coastline you will ever see. Don’t worry, it also has its share of fun and mischief but in a small more intimate location allowing for some down time as well.


I don’t want to rain on anyone parade but Cancun has turned into a s***-show post you-know-what. PACKED airports, resorts that aren’t delivering on their offerings, and sketchy security everywhere you go. Cancun is a GREAT option for a quick and inexpensive trip to an all-inclusive but please skip the major holidays and breaks. You’ll thank me later.

Try Instead: Belize

I bet you your first thought when searching for an ideallic beach destination is not Belize but I need you to rethink that notion. Belize has so much to offer. Insanely beautiful beaches, 5 star properties, incredible food…and an amazing culture that you wont find anywhere else. Plus Belize is so affordable. Its a great option if you’ve done the other beaches and want to try something new.

Amalfi Coast

Oh Amalfi, I have so many items on my bucket list to check off. This coast in Southern Italy is dotted with picture perfect town and winding roads with a view that can’t be beat. While I suggest everyone at least once in their life visits and sips Lemoncello on the patio at Le Sirenuse it can be so busy during the spring and summer months that a beautiful vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare. Think tiny winding streets packed with tourists and a beach you cant even find a spot to sit. Shoulder season is your friend here!

Try Instead:  Salento, Puglia

Puglia, its a place those os us in the travel industry can’t stop talking about right now. Forming the heel of Italy’s boot the region is filled with hundreds of miles of Mediterranean coat, incredible architecture, untouched land everywhere and don’t get me started on the food!

Soft sandy beaches and warm waves are calling my name. I hope this helped you find some amazing alternatives to the packed popular beach destinations that are already selling out this coming spring. If its not obvious by now I highly suggest grabbing your calendar and choosing to travel in shoulder seasons to really find the beauty of a destination without all of the crowds.

Have you been to any of these destinations? If so, what was your favorite thing about the trip?

Happy Travels Friends!

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